In-house english

Paul Onditi
Roald Andersen D.Y.
Odd Fredrik Heiberg

IN-HOUSE: Adj./Adv.Existing, originating, or carried on within a group or organization or its facilities :
not outside.

15. September – 21. October 2017

Odd Fredrik Heiberg has invited Roald Andersen d. y. and Paul Onditi to join him in constructing a house at Spriten Kunsthall in Skien, Norway. The three widely different artists are building a scenography as a joint venture, taking their own personal experiences and the house in itself with its physical and symbolic importance, as a starting point. The house is part of the creative process as it is connected to our individual personalities, both as a formative and protective stage prop in our lives.

Roald Andersen D. Y. (Kristiansand) has an art production that spans from prints to sculpture, installations and performance. With honed skills he transforms everyday objects into artworks, often with suprising and seemingly impossible forms. Roald has had an extensive production over the last few years and has exhibited his works amongst other places in Kristiansand Kunsthall, Sørlandets Kunstmuseum, KODE Bergen, NHLspace in Copenhagen and Galleri Jacob Bjørn in Århus, Denmark.

Paul Onditi (Nairobi, Kenya) paints pictures that explore global issues by use of experimental and very challenging techniques. By the use of acid, bleach, pigment, ink and shoe polish he visualizes an imaginery world inhabited by his alter ego. Still, we recognize the same ideological, political and religious differences and tentions that plague our collective existence. Paul has exhibited in Rezeption Gallery in Frankfurt, Goethe Institut in Nairobi and at VOLTA in New York.

Odd Fredrik Heiberg (Skien) works project-based and with different mediums. Over the last five years he has focused on painting, and the possibilities that open when movement is presented in the equation. He explores repetition and rotation in addition to light, shadow and see-through elements by using both sides of the canvas. Over the last few years Odd Fredrik has exhibited in Telemark Kunstsenter, Galleri Lynx in Oslo, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall in Arendal and Spriten Kunsthall.


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