Aleksi Wildhagen – Reisetid


VISNINGSPERIODE: 05.02-12.03 2016

Reisetid / Travelling Time er en utstilling med materiale innsamlet på reiser i Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn og Riga. I utstillingen presenteres et utvalg arbeider fra disse reisene. En publikasjon supplerer utstillingen.

It is cold, the intention is good.

Struggling with the elements, body and mind.

The World is present, its people are gone.

Trying to get her, the city of mine.

Outside her, inside me.

Standing in a bush to remember my name and the reason I came.

The smell of sea darling, alive.

The water in me, not like timber and stone, like air, out of reach.

Damn seagulls, like pirates attacking.

All these Japanese tourists made me see the ferries like riverboats in China.

The journey within, the distance to people, I’ve become invisible.

People are frightened, we all are.

We produce and reproduce ourselves to keep floating.

I got black oil forcing its way out of my hands.

Well, the hand can do the thinking.

To try a tree, to try birdsong, interrupted by a wailing dog,

city sounds and twenty women on a botanical high, I get high.

An old farmer carried my friend and I, with his horse,


A. W.

Aleksi Wildhagen works project based and process oriented with painting and drawing, often executed outside in one take, the goal is strong works that stands for itself, though fragility and mistakes are key words. Wildhagen was born i Helsinki and grew up in Oslo. Wildhagen has a MFA from the Art Academy in Trondheim (2004). He did an exchange program one year to the Art Academy in Helsinki. Wildhagen has the recent years initiated two collaborations, one with his brother Andreas Wildhagen, which is a professional jazz drummer, together they constitute a text and rhythm experimental fusion of drum and speech, called Drum & Speech. The other collaboration is with his colleague and friend Patrik Entian, together they form the duo & Co. their goal is to reinvent the view on the past and the present.

Wildhagen has during the last few years written, produced and published several catalogs accompanying his projects. Aleksi Wildhagen has a number of grants and Wildhagen was in 2013 awarded the Anne and Jakob Weidemann grant from the Ringsveen Foundation. Wildhagen has several upcoming events, such as his solo-exhibition, Reisetid/Travelling time at Spriten Kunsthall. The exhibition, Don Quixote, Sancho Panza-& Co. at Trøndelag center for contemporary art, and a public commission at a military base in Setermoen.

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