About Spriten

Spriten Project Space was established in 2007 in a former rubbing alcohol (spirits) factory in Skien. The factory was established in 1917 and produced rubbing alcohol until the Second World War. The building is in jugend style and is a landmark in Skien with its tall distillation tower. After the war the alcohol-production was halted and the building housed a mechanical workshop and laboratories in conection with the Union paper mill until 2006.

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Artist in Residence

As a part of the project Kunstnerbyen Skien, Skien commune has established an Artist in Residence-programme. The programme was started in 2006 and annually grants a professional artist housing, studio and NOK 165.000,- for a residency spanning 12 months in Skien. From the grant of NOK 165.000,-, the artist is awarded NOK 135.000,- and the remeaining NOK 30.000,- is reserved for a public art project during the residency.

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